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The real cost of roof repair procrastination

You think there is no need for immediate fix as it is just a small leak? Think again. You might want to reconsider your decision of postponing the repair. It’s better to fix it as soon as possible before it gets worse and can cost you more. Small roof leaks, if left unattended, can cause major damage to your home, which means more work (and money) for repairs.

If your property located in Southern California is having roof leak issues, our roof repairs Poway can be a great help to prevent bigger damage in the future. As they say, procrastination can cost you more.

Here’s the real cost of not performing roof repair as soon as possible:

Ruins the structural foundation of your property. You noticed some drops of rainwater one day and then you saw the size doubled after a few days from the first appearance. And because you did nothing to address the issue, the quantity of rainwater continued to increase — and bang! Now the rainwater is ruining your property in a scale you never thought. Termites and molds love damped places, most especially the wooden parts of your house. Indeed, they can ruin the very structural foundation of your home in large scale.

Roof leaks can damage flooring and fixtures. If rainwater makes it to your flooring, that is another problem that you are going to deal with. Whether your floor is made of wood or concrete materials, it can still be vulnerable to damage brought about by rainwater through roof leaks. Not only that, other possessions you have underneath – appliance, furniture, upholstery, among others – might be compromised as well. Better have the leaks fixed by a contractor who is an expert in roof repairs Poway, before it can cause more damage that is probably beyond ordinary repair.

Roof leaks can affect the real estate value of your property. Molds, brittle structural foundations, among other factors, are to be blamed when your property is devalued the next time an appraiser inspects your property for assessment. You do not want your home to be underwater most especially if you are planning to put it up for sale in the near future.

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